⭐️FLASH SALE: SILVER Desert Mist Diffuser bundle!⭐️

We’re celebrating Young Living’s 25-year legacy in SILVER style! Starting TODAY June 3, you can get the exclusive SILVER Desert Mist Diffuser with 15 ml bottles of Peace & Calming and Valor.

Got your kit but are dying for a new diffuser in another room? Trust me, I GET IT. Living room, our master bed, the kids’ rooms, bathrooms, kitchen all have diffusers.

I’m about to snag one of these babies for the playroom & office today! DIFFUSERS IN ALL THE ROOMS. I LOVE when these diffusers go on sale…which rarely happens!!!!

If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to jump! It’s also a great gift!! Every graduate needs this for their dorm, every new couple needs this in their new homes, and who doesn’t want health and wellness!

➕ VALOR: the emotional support powerhouse. This is MUST in every home!

Our bravery oil. 
Our courage oil. 
Our fortitude oil.

Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day.

➕ Peace & Calming: who doesn’t love this incredible oil?!

+ encourages deep relaxation
+ great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children
+ uplifting
+ supports tension

IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON MY TEAM RUN and get this before it sells out! They. Will. Sell. Out. The 5mL oils alone are WORTH $74.50 on their own. And these are 15mL!!! 🙌 YL doesn’t even sell Valor and Peace + Calming in 15mL!!

So yeah…you are getting over $300 worth of product for $79.75!

IF YOU AREN’T YET A MEMBER you can get started with a Premium Starter Kit and add on this bundle! AND I will send you $25 back! I love having multiple diffusers all over our house and I promise you will adore these emotional support oils! ❤️


+ Wholesale price: $79.75
+ Retail price: $104.93

While supplies last so ready, set, go!!!!!

Click here to purchase!

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