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Hi friends! It’s no secret around these parts how OBSESSED we all are with Thieves Cleaner. It has a cult following for a reason! Bonus: It smells like a combination of fresh citrus and Christmas in a bottle!

For almost a year now, our family has been on a journey to detoxify our home and to simplify the amount of products that we use. Gone are the days of our cabinets overflowing with tons of bottles of toxic chemical-packed cleaning products. I’ve pretty much replaced all of those bottles, with just one bottle of Thieves cleaner. It’s that versatile!

First, I have to share that just one bottle of Thieves Cleaner concentrate fills up 15 of the amber glass spray bottles pictured above, say what!? Talk about a bang for your buck!!!

I use Thieves Cleaner as an all-purpose cleaner to safely sanitize countertops, dining tables and surfaces (who wants to eat off of surfaces sprayed down with harmful chemicals? Nope, me either). What I love love love, is that we can take that very same bottle of Thieves and use it in countless ways!

20 of our favorite uses for Thieves Cleaner are:

+ Put 2 capfuls in a large bowl of hot water and soak essential oil roller and dropper bottles for a good cleaning between uses
+ Use undiluted on sticky adhesives as a natural way to remove goo
+ Dab onto stubborn laundry stains as a prewash stain remover
+ Dilute a capful in water and soak extra-smelly sports equipment and activewear
+ Use to remove stains and cloudiness on plastic food storage containers
+ Keep solution fairly concentrated to remove hard water build-up and soap scum
+ Dilute and spray on plants suffering from pests and/or mold
+ Remove fingerprints and streaks on glass and stainless steel
+ Lightly mist on filter of vacuum to remove smells
+ Sanitize cutting boards and porous cooking surfaces
+ Use diluted to remove carpet stains and spills
+ Neutralize smells from pet and kid accidents
+ Sanitize dishwasher between uses by running 1 capful of thieves through an empty cycle
+ Put 2 caps full in a sink of hot water to soak pots and pans with tough stuck on food
+ Washing machine smell musty? Spray inside of barrel and run a capful of Thieves concentrate through a cycle
+ Make a soft scrub with Thieves cleaner, water & baking soda: scrub grout, bath tubs, inside of sink, cook tops, inside of oven etc.
+ Clean and safely sanitize toys by spraying with thieves and wiping down. Thoroughly clean bath toys by soaking in warm water with 2 capfuls of Thieves Cleaner
+ Put half a capful in a small spray bottle with water and keep in your purse or diaper bag. Spray down restaurant tables, shopping cart handles, gym equipment, toilet seats, public restroom changing tables all-the-germy-things
+ Clean your car – interior and exterior/ windows/ tires/ dashboard you name it!
+ Refresh and clean wood cabinets and wood floors. Add a couple of drops of orange or lemon essential oil to make your wood glow!

*** Tip: always spot test in a hidden area before using Thieves on all of your surfaces. I use Thieves e v e r y w h e r e and have never run into any trouble – but it’s best to check for yourself!

Now go forth and Thieves your life away!

xo, mm

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