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April Class Schedule

April Classes - Faith + Frank by Mona Moore faithandfrank.com

*all classes are 9pm CST unless otherwise noted and for members of our facebook group

WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US! Lots of good info coming your way!

REMEMBER: These events all take place right on Facebook and if you are not free at the time that we post, you can always go back to the event and check out the info afterwards!

There will also be a giveaways, so make sure to join us LIVE and participate by asking questions, sharing testimonies, and commenting to be entered!

Let’s make our guys oily believers!!! Guys can tend to be less likely to talk about their health, ask questions, etc. So, learning about oils is a little bit more of a journey for men than it is for women. The class will be in two parts, the first half will cover how oils work for skeptical guys, how we can introduce them to the oils and (quickly!) show them the benefits. The second half of the class will be all about men’s health and how they can benefit from essential oils!

Join us live and participate in the class and you’ll be entered to win a bottle of Cedarwood*, a guy’s favorite for sure!

🌿 Click here to join class –https://www.facebook.com/events/329909604380253/

Our Faith + Frank team is heading out of town for some much needed girl-time! So we thought it’d be a fun time for one of my favorite classes full of travel tips and tricks and essential oils, of course! We’ll be sharing our travel must-haves LIVE from our retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia!

*Time is actually TBD until we figure out the best time to get all of us online

🌿 Click here to join class – 

🌿 new members class 🌿

If you just got your starter kit (or haven’t really got acquainted with it yet), this is for you! We’re going to recap the basics, share some of our favorite oily accessories, and talk about the perks of being a Young Living member.

🌿 Click here to join class – Coming Soon!

Before I started using essential oils, I had tons of questions. What kind of oils to use, how to use essential oils, which oils should always have on hand, and most importantly, how in the world do I come up with a budget now that I’ve fallen in love with all. of. the. things?!

Hang out with us tonight as we chat all things essential oils! Every oil we will talk about tonight is under $25! Some are even 15 ml bottles which contain approximately 250 drops!? That’s AMAZING bang for your healthy buck!!!

Join us live and participate in the class and you’ll be entered to win a $25 credit* to your account!

🌿 Click here to join class – https://www.facebook.com/events/364491337490757/

I mean, who doesn’t want great sleep, right?! If you, or someone you know, is suffering from insomnia or sleep problems – whether it’s falling asleep or staying asleep the whole night through – we have some amazing oils to share with you!!

Join us live and participate in the class and you’ll be entered to win one of our favorite sleep rollers!

🌿 Click here to join class – 

Do you love your oils?! Us too!!! Did you know you can make some extra money just by sharing what you love with your friends and family? You can casually share here and there and get your YL products paid for or go all out and fund your dreams! It is YOUR business and can look however you want it to!

Starting Monday, April 8th is a FREE Young Living Mentorship class for anyone interested in learning about what it looks like to either casually share with friends OR run a business with Young Living (you must be a YL member with us!).

This is a FREE class! It’s two weeks long (posts on weekdays in a private Facebook group) and truly equips you and educates you on what it takes to your love of YLEO!

🌿 If you’d like to join us, reach out to your sponsor personally and we’ll get ya plugged in.

🌿 FB groups not your thing? We got you! We also have mentorship by email! Again, just let us know if this interests you. 😘

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