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April PROMOS are here and they are LIFE giving, friends!!! And yes!! Check out that 400 pv tier!!! I know we have so many members who have completely turned their homes into a YL only home and budget all their home cleaning products, personal care products, and supplements into their Essential Rewards orders.

But first… 

⭐️ Not on ER yet?! You’re missing out! To learn about Essential Rewards check out this page: ESSENTIAL REWARDS & YL GO SHIPPING

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April Promos Faith + Frank by Mona Moore faithandfrank.com

⭐️ BONUS ER points! By placing a 100 pv order on Essential Rewards this month you get 10 additional free points!! WOOT!!! Remember if you are sharing your oils 100pv allows you to earn full commissions as well. Alright now for all the FREE productS!!!

⭐️ Vetiver: (5ml) 
Diffuse this with lavender and orange at bedtime and I rub a little on the on our wrists. We also love to use this oil during work time, church time, homework time. It is super thick so we like to use a dropper top, or warm it up in our bra (yep… that’s what I said) or hands for a few minutes for easier access.

⭐️ Clary Sage : (5ml – ER Exclusive): This gorgeous oil is not only wonderful for diffusing at bedtime but her hormones will love this. Clary Sage contains phytoestrogens- plant based estrogens. It is grounding and comforting and just makes me feel very womanly. I love to diffuse this with Orange and Patchouli. If you haven’t tried this one yet you are in for a surprise this month.

⭐️ Lemon (15 ml – Also a vitality oil). Lemon is a cleaner for all difficult spots, high in limonene (Go Google that awesome sauce – no but really – do it! Jaw dropping stuff). Lemon vitality is wonderful when you add it to your water or Ningxia daily. We go through at least a bottle a month at my house! One of my fave trios to diffuse – Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint – smells like a spa!! 💗 🛀 You’re welcome!

⭐️ Tangerine (15 ml- also a vitality oil): Another citrus oil for the month!!! Gah!! Nothing says spring and more sunshine that citrus fruits! Aromatically, Tangerine can promote happiness. Basically get happy and get healthy all in one bottle!

⭐️ Dream Catcher (5 m): Ok this is a big deal … I have never seen this in a promo!!! This is one of my favorite oil to diffuse at bedtime – we always keep this on hand. It smells DREAMY! Who is ready to order this buy the gallon?! Yes, please.

⭐️  Lavender Bath Bombs: YL bath bombs are a product I don’t think people treat themselves to enough but once you’ve experienced them you’re gonna know what I mean when I say you can’t be without them. Infused with Lavender oil, there isn’t just a hint of Lavender but right when you open that bag you’re going to smell the aroma! I am so excited YL is treating us this month to them for FREE. These would make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or just pamper yourself! These bath bombs will take your bath to the next level – like luxury spa experience in your own house! 😍😍 They will also leave your skin feeling silky soft, too. 

⭐️  Goldenrod (5ml): This is a seasonal oil for us so we do not have it available year around so when you can grab it you get it, especially when it is FREE this month! Diffuse this with your Clary Sage and Tangerine for a gorgeous spring time blend. And Goldenrod…welp…let’s just say grab the Lucy Libido book and see what Lucy has to say about Goldenrod and and if you got Ylang Ylang for free in February or scooped it up when it came back last month… I can’t make any promises but those two together are the oils of LOVE and magical fireworks.

Okay!!! What are you most excited about?!!!! I have to say it is a toss up between Vetiver, Dream Catcher, Goldenrod AND the bath bombs!!!!

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