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Two years ago, in February of 2017, I jumped in and ordered my premium starter kit. After years upon years of trauma and grief, my family needed emotional support, and I had put it off long enough. As a natural skeptic, I honestly knew nothing about Young Living and oils, the very thought of oils sounded so far fetched and frankly impossible. But then a trusted friend sat me down, poured out her heart to me, shared her testimony on how these oils had made an impact in her life, I gave in, and…

I had no idea how that little box that arrived on my doorstep was going to change our world. Healthier kids, healthier outlook on life, better attitudes, ditching the toxins in our house. I fell immediately in love with the oils, and I started to share them with everyone I knew. My initial reaction was shock and disappointment. Why? Why had I never heard more about these products? Young Living has been around for more than 25 years. Why hadn’t anyone sat me down and told me I needed these in my life! I was certain of one thing… there was no way I was keeping this goodness to myself.

And now here I am a couple of years later, grateful for the oils and products, grateful for the unmatched quality this company is committed to, and so grateful for this community. Jumping into the business side of Young Living was a natural transition for me, and to say that it’s been a gift to my family is a complete understatement.

These oils, and all Young Living has to offer, have changed so many lives. If you are a Young Living member, you have the opportunity to share oils and products you love with your friends and family and make a little extra money! It’s an opportunity that is always there as a Young Living member, but never something you HAVE TO do.

Have you ever been curious? About oils? About our business? Do you wonder if maybe this could be something you could do, too? Our team offers a two week (about 20 minutes a day, weekdays only) mentorship in a private group on FB each month! We’ll talk about what running a Young Living business looks like, what the potential is, and how to move forward with confidence. I promise that you never, ever have to be salesy or pushy, and I promise that you’re never in this business alone. Not only that, it is seriously FUN! We have the best, most supportive team and would love to help you!

I can’t put into words how grateful I am for this amazing community – the friendships, knowledge and love shared here is such a treasure in my life.

Here are a few of our testimonies:


“I went from being a lonely stay at home mama, lacking purpose to someone who is fulfilled, making my own spending money, and still still have plenty of time to spend with my family! I love this business just as much as I love these products. I get to live out my dream job with my dream team and watch families lives being changed every day in wellness, time, and financial freedom.”


“I’ve been doing this business since July of 2017 and reached the rank of Silver in November of 2018. I already had a day job that I loved before starting YL, I didn’t need this job, this company, more friends, more money… or so I thought. But this is so much more than a business, more than a job. Falling in love with the products is a given, but realizing that so many people still don’t know about oils and natural toxin free products lit a fire within my heart so it was easy and logical to share. I had such a yucky feeling about MLMs and Network Marketing because most people are DOING IT ALL WRONG and it leaves a bad taste in so many of our mouths. Young Living is doing it right! I do NOT consider myself a salesperson, I’m a business owner, sharer and an educator. From my first month in the biz, my oils and products were covered. Then it covered my oils, my business, and my car payment, now it covers even more… my mortgage. All it takes is finding someone to run alongside you, to dream with you, to work with you, to love the products with you…and you have a business. When you love what you do, it ISN’T work. God’s hand has been in this from the beginning, I never could have imagined this for myself. From personal growth, to professional growth, from financial freedom, to lifelong friendships I never knew I needed, this has changed my life, and I want to help change yours.”


“I’ve been doing the business for about 10 months and am totally obsessed with it! Not only have I been able to switch out my home to being completely chemical free, I am now doing something I am passionate about – sharing wellness and helping families with their health. The friendships I have built and the support I have received have been incredible.”


“Hello! I am a mama and work full time doing this biz at home (or from wherever I want) with my little man by my side! I joined the Young Living business 7 months ago and since then I have been addicted. It has given me so much life and the community I’m surrounded by is really incredible! I have been able to contribute to our family’s income from the first month and it’s only getting better with every month that passes. I’m so grateful I stumbled across Young Living. This feels more like a hobby to me (that I get paid for) and not only has my family benefited financially, our health and wellness is so much better for it as our home is now completely chemical free! And I just love helping other people transition and do the same, helping people with their health and wellness is one of the most rewarding jobs you could possibly do! You would be crazy not to consider giving it a go! I’ve never looked back!”


“Hi there! I’m a busy (and often overwhelmed) mom of three who is working this business in pockets of time around my family’s schedule. I joined Young Living in January ‘17 and hit the rank of Silver in October ‘17. I never in a million years thought I’d be doing anything sales-related (shy and terrified introvert here!), but this business has blown all of my preconceptions of network marketing out the window! I am having the time of my life teaching others to live a more natural lifestyle and this is only the beginning! We’d love to have you join us!


Why Start a Young Living Business?

I encourage you to take a look at the opportunity! No pressure and no strings attached! Contact me and I will get you plugged in. Feel free to check out Young Living’s income disclosure statement below.

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

What rank and monthly pay would change your life?

From the very beginning, the rank and pay that would change my life has always been Gold. Gold is the rank that would change everything for me and my kids. Gold would give me the freedom to quit my day job, run my Young Living business full time, and allow this single momma to be home with my kids. In just 16 short months, our team hit the rank of Silver, and now that dream of hitting Gold is quickly becoming a reality. If you feel that tug at your heart to join us, reach out to me. I’d love to talk with you about it. It is truly indescribable what this business, these products, and our tribe has meant to me. There’s a place for you here with us. 

What a blessing it is that I get to share my love of oils and natural wellness as a job! I can tell you now that when I first started using oils I never thought I’d pursue the business, but I found myself naturally sharing the oils with others because I was experiencing all the benefits from them.

I set my own work hours, can work from wherever I want and I get to do it alongside my full-time job, my family, and my friends! I love that I’m getting paid for something I’m so passionate about! We have countless educational groups on Facebook as well as dozens of business groups where you have resources, graphics, free training, and support. We also run those monthly business mentorships to help you get started! You are allowed to work at your own pace, with your own personality and flare, with no pressure. Your goals are your own, and I’m here to help you achieve them and give strategic guidance.

Young Living’s compensation plan is so generous it’s hard not to share! Remember to check out the income disclosure above! These numbers are MONTHLY! A LOT of people on my team are at “Gold” rank and above!

The Mentorship and Ongoing Team Support and Guidance

Choosing the right team is paramount and our team was recently recognized as the fastest growing team in Young Living history! When you sign up with us, you are joining a specific team that will help you to start and grow your business. We run a monthly mentorship that provides you with the basic education and training that you need to get your business up and running. It is a mix of videos, information, testimonies, and interactive tasks that takes place in a private Facebook group. It runs over 10 days and can be done in your own time.

Beyond the Mentorship we have Facebook Business groups, team calls, video zoom calls, one-on-one support with your sponsor/mentor, education, business strategy meetings, Social Media Workshops and in-person event resources. Below are some graphics as a snapshot of what we offer our team.

7 reasons why I chose to jump into the business:

1. Willable income. Here’s the thing about Young Living. Once you earn $3000 per month, you can will your business. That means, you can put it in your will to pass down to your children when you leave this earth.

2. Spreading natural wellness to families far and wide and empowering them with the knowledge to support their bodies without the use of harmful chemicals. There is a better way to live for not only ourselves but for our environment that our future children/grandchildren etc will inherit from us.

3. Financial Freedom. Plain and simple. You can earn as much as you want. You want a Platinum salary? Then show up, do the work, and work a little extra. You just want to pay for your oils? Go for it. No matter how much you want to earn, you can. Unlike retirement plans that are capped at a certain amount, Young Living earnings keep on coming. You will NEVER have to worry about not having a paycheck. Your business will keep growing.

4. Time Freedom. My desire to not go back to the 9-5 hustle is real. I now have a  job that works around my schedule as a mama and one that I could take with me anywhere (and to be honest, one that is also okay to have little one by my side and to still be in my pjs at lunch time). Young Living will allow me to stay home AND run a business. I will be there when my children need me and I wouldn’t change that for anything in this world.

5. Flexibility. You want a job that you can work whenever you want? This is it! This business goes with you wherever you go. I know people who are incredibly shy who’ve built their ENTIRE business online through Facebook, blogs or Instagram. I know social butterflies that do ALL their classes in person. This business is perfect for any personality type. You find YOUR strength and start there.

6. Bonuses. Young Living has built-in bonuses. With each rank, you get larger checks. Once you hit executive, you get a pin, certificate and a pay raise. Silver, you get an incredible retreat to their farm in Mona, Utah. They fly you, pay for your accommodations, feed you and you are gifted with amazing goodies! Gold, another trip to their farm in Saint Maries, Idaho. Platinums go to Ecuador to see the Ylang Ylang, Dorado Azul and Copaiba farmed and work with the amazing Young Living Foundation. Diamond retreats? They vary year to year: 2017 was in Banff, Canada and 2018 is in Seville, Spain. Young Living also has competitions to earn things like cruises and vacations.

7. A company with heart. Ok, so this isn’t totally part of the compensation plan, but I love that this company does so much for so many humanitarian projects. It allows you to help as well by rounding up your dollar at purchase, supporting their various programs and even sponsoring a child. Young Living not only loves on their employees, their distributors and members, but also on the world in need. When you are surrounded by the corporate team, you know they are more like family and are known to be the most transparent essential oil company out there.

As you can see, Young Living takes great care of it’s members. Not only are you selling a product that you KNOW is helping people, but you are helping people find financial freedom and happiness. That’s a win/win in my book!

How does it work?

Are you ready to get started? Well here’s how: almost all of our business builders enroll with the Premium Starter Kit since it is without a doubt the most versatile, cost-effective option and has the top 11 most commonly used and loved essential oils.

This is the biggest investment you will need to make in your entire business – pretty crazy, right?! We need to stock anything in our homes? – Young Living takes care of all the shipping and handling. When you think about it – this is a super-low initial investment to start your own business!


Click HERE to get started! 

Once you’ve purchased your starter kit – I will be notified (but don’t be shy, you can reach out to me via e-mail through the contact me section on this website or through my Instagram or Facebook! Once we connect, I can add you into all of our groups and we can get you started (at whatever pace you choose) with your business. Your exclusive welcome pack will be sent out to you in the mail – and Voila! You are running your very own business! Freedom awaits….

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