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One of the things I was most excited about when I started my oily journey was being able to make my own, clean, safe, and natural beauty products and household cleaners. I have always struggled with allergies and eczema which finally led me on a mission to create a chemical-free home. Essential oils have been absolutely vital to this. I revamped my skin care routine and have stopped using harsh make up, soaps, haircare etc. and have been loving this DIY body butter. It’s completely natural and safe enough for even my little one’s delicate skin. I use it as a moisturizer all over my body and on my face, on my little one, and even as a shaving cream. It would also be wonderful for growing and stretching pregnant mama bellies!

You will need:
an 8-12 ounce glass container (I like these)
1/2 cup solid organic coconut oil
1/2 cup raw organic African shea butter
15-20 drops essential oil of choice (I like lavender!)

Place coconut oil and shea butter in a bowl and whip with a handheld or stand mixer until fluffy and smooth. Add essential oils and mix again until desired consistency is achieved. The longer you mix, the fluffier it will become!

DIY Body Butter | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |
Gentle Baby Body Butter

Other good blends:
Tea tree + Cedarwood for your man (think shaving cream)
Lavender + Cedarwood (also a good combo for the guys)
Geranium +/- lavender (great for skin and smells so wonderful)
Peppermint for holiday gifts (stick with 15 drops)
Peace & calming or Joy
Gentle Baby (for the babies)
Sleepyize + Peace and Calming (for babies)

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xo, Mona

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