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Here are some fun DIYs for Halloween, recipes and more!!

How fun is this monster repellent spray to make with your kiddos!? This can be used on their sheets before bed as a linen spray to help them wind down and drift off quickly! It would be so fun to add to a Halloween party DIY list!

For little ones who struggle with fears it’s also great to make year round! This can help them feel calm, support sleep and you can let them spray it to keep those monsters away!


+Pop the popcorn kernels and place in a large bowl or brown paper bag.

+Simmer the coconut oil and sweetener over low heat until combined and liquefied.

+Let cool for a couple minutes and stir in the essentials oils.

+Pour over popcorn, stir and snack away!

Happy Halloween Popcorn Recipe| Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com


+ 6 drops Citrus Fresh
+ 4 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
+ 3 drops Cardamom

Fire this baby up and pop on a scary movie!


Does the thought of a million excited trick or treaters bring the head tension on? Roll deep relief on your temples, upper forehead and back of neck.


Too many sweets and indulgent treats? Roll Digize right onto your tummy! This is great diluted, for big kids too!


My daughter’s favorite! With all of that candy, we can’t forget to take care of those little teeth!


A favorite oil for everyone in my family. Roll this down the kiddos spine before Trick or Treating, I’m not going to say they will be calm, exactly 😂but every bit helps! Also great for chilling mama out after all of the festivities, and awesome in the little monster’s diffusers before bed!

Happy Halloween | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

We all have bad cravings sometimes. We try so hard to stay away and sometimes it’s just plain hard to stay away. Some of us are just trying to quit the craving altogether. Are the Halloween candies calling your name too? If you are trying to kick a habit or just not overindulge, this may help. Did you know that you can use essential oils to curb your cravings? Oils are so amazing for EVERYTHING. I did some research and here are some oils for certain cravings:

-Coffee? Apply or diffuse Bergamot.
-Sugar? Apply Dill on your wrists.
-Chewing gum way too much? Apply a drop of Peppermint under your tongue.
-Tobacco? Use Black Pepper. Take a toothpick, dip in black pepper essential oil and suck on the toothpick. You can also just sniff the oil when you have a craving.
-Just overindulging in food? Use Grapefruit. You can add a drop in your water or diffuse. It should help you curb your appetite.
-Slique Essence combines grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, spearmint, and ocotea with stevia extract in a blend that supports healthy weight management goals. These ingredients work together to help control hunger.

What other oil hacks have you heard of using when it comes to cravings? Share in the comments below.

Happy Halloween | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

Here are three more of our favorite Halloween DIYS — Fruit Spiders, Ogre’s Overbites & Witches Brew!! Perfect for all your October parties, kid’s class treats and more!

Halloween is definitely on my children’s radar. Reagan has already chosen her costume, and is eagerly awaiting trick or treating, decorations, pumpkins…it’s the beginning of all the fall festivities. Every time I go to the grocery store, they are begging me to get pumpkins to carve out Jack o Lanterns. It’s such a fun (and messy) activity to do with my kiddos. We do it every year, but I’ve always tried to wait until the last minute because moldy, fuzzy, face-melting Jack-o-Lanterns are not so fun. Who’s with me here? Well last year, I saw this amazing oil hack, tried it and it totally worked! Did you know Thieves will make your Jack-o- Lanterns last a bit longer? It literally had my pumpkins last about a week longer than usual.

Here’s all you do: Make a 1 oz. spray with 10 drops of Thieves, a squirt of witch hazel and fill the rest distilled water. Or you can be lazy like me and use your Thieves Household Cleaner, Thieves Spray, or your Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray. They’ll all do the job. Spray it all over your carved pumpkin, inside and out. Jack will thank you for prolonging his life.

Happy Halloween: How to keep your Pumpkins, Gourds and Jack o'Lanterns Alive | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

Today’s DIY recipe is from our team’s Fall Ready class. My younger daughter is in first grade so she loves to have fun independent activities when we get home. This DIY play dough recipe is perfect to keep your kids busy and having fun. It is also without any harmful dyes or ingredients, smells SO good and is an immune booster! There’s no heating or melting involved and it’s really easy to make. I also thought this could be a cute alternative to passing out class party treats on Halloween. Give each child a small ball of play dough and a pumpkin cookie cutter all wrapped in clear cellophane and a bow. You can attach a cute festive tag, have your child sign on one side and have the playdough recipe printed on the back. (**Image from the Fall Ready Class).

Here’s what you’ll need:

+ 2 cups cornstarch
+ 1 cup Kidscents lotion
+ 4 drops cardamom
+ 2 drops orange
+ 1 drop cinnamon bark
+ 1 drop clove

Mix all the ingredients together, throw in some cute Fall themed cookie cutters, and have them play for hours!

Happy Halloween : Pumpkin Pie Playdough | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

I know a lot of you love ya some Pumpkin Spice latte. I appreciate the convenience of Starbucks, but sometimes you just want to brew a cup of coffee at home and add your own pumpkin spice to it. Here is an oily, non dairy, PUMPKIN SPICE creamer you can whip up and add to your cup of Joe. This recipe will stay fresh about 7 days in the fridge. You can also substitute the almond milk with coconut milk or any other nut milk you prefer.

2 cups almond milk
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
1 drop Cinnamon Bark EO
1 drop Clove EO
1 drop Ginger EO
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth. Transfer to airtight container and refrigerate. Shake well before pouring.

Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Spice Non Dairy Creamer | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

Baking and cooking with oils is a fun and easy way to add an extra element to your dish- whatever it may be.
It’s October so I apologize in advance but you are probably getting PUMPKIN EVERYTHING this month.

Let’s make Pumpkin Pancakes because truly, they are a staple in my house every fall (and they are so good that I make them all winter long!) Whatever your plans may be this week- add these pancakes to the agenda!

As you can see they have Thieves in them- but you could also add a drop of Cinnamon Bark and/or Clove!

*Also- if you are wondering the difference between your normal bottle of Thieves and a vitality bottle THERE IS NONE. The label is the only thing different (required by the FDA because they are suggested for internal use- but the oil is the same!)

Happy Halloween: Pumpkin Spice Pancakes | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.com

Halloween is finally upon us!! We are so excited for all of the festivities to begin! I rounded up five fun favorite sweet treat ideas for those of you hosting or contributing to parties, or even better, just to make memories with your kiddos and deliver to your family, friends & neighbors!

Halloween Popcorn Bark // This is our favorite snack to make for every holiday, but it is MOST fun for Halloween because, candy eyeballs!!! This is super simple and funnnnn to make with little ones. On a huge sheet of tin foil, lay out pretzel sticks & chex rice cereal. Melt a tray of white almond bark, and drizzle half of it over the first layer of snacks. Then, layer on a bag of white popcorn (we use orville redenbacher tender white, the best popcorn ever!) onto the mixture while the bark is still wet, drizzle the second half of the tray on top, and sprinkle with toppings of your choice. Like candy eyeballs, sprinkles, candy corn, colored m&ms, chocolate chips, etc. Let the entire thing harden (maybe 15-20 minutes) and then break it apart into chunks to place in a bowl for serving. It is so yummy and SO addicting!!!

Mini Chocolate Bat Bites // Ok these are SO fun & easy, I know my kids would have a blast making these, definitely a fun project for kids of all ages!

Frozen Boo-Nana Pops // Love these for even the littlest kids, also a healthier option amidst all the sweets & treats of the season!!

Candy Coated Caramel Apples // The most fun way to use up leftover Halloween candy!

Movie Night Monster Munch Popcorn // We are big time popcorn lovers over here, if you can’t tell. This popcorn recipe is another tradition we do every year, usually right after Halloween, but it is good all season long! We just change it up depending on the holiday.

I would love to hear your favorite treats & traditions, share any favorites below!! Hope you are all having the best October so far!! XO, Mona

PS Make sure to have your Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Tummygize, and Digize on hand!

And don’t forget to always be prepared! From our Young Living Blog. Click on image for full story…



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