Downtown Chicago - The Yolk| Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |


We had the most amazing weekend in Chicago at Diamond Bound. What is Diamond Bound? Who was this weekend for? Any Young Living leader searching for an intensive weekend of training loaded with both professional development + personal development guaranteed to change your life and your heart.  This is an event you do not want to miss. You will be changed, inspired and challenged in every good way possible. This is about YOU growing in life and in business. It is an immersive personal and professional development event designed to help you navigate and grow in all areas of your life – especially your Young Living business! This is my first time attending this event that just celebrated it’s 4th year – and it’s made lasting change on my heart and my business.

Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

The Diamond Bound Event had 20 incredible, dynamic Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond speakers who brought their heart and hands to bless and empower us during Diamond Bound weekend.

Some takeaways from the event:

“Everywhere you go, every conversation you show up to, you’re a blank canvas” – your identity is who you are, not what others have said about you. You’re not defined by your past. You are a blank canvas… you get the final say on who you really are.

Blank Canvas | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Discipline| Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Fearlessly be yourself | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.comWalk without fear of the future. Without fear of man. Without fear of being misunderstood. Without fear of failure. If you know YOU…. then BE YOU!!! And be you as if nobody is watching!!!! Be the you you’d be if no one ever judged you or thought differently of you. And when you do: their voice in your life gets smaller and smaller … and your confidence rises higher and higher.

quit or make it | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Two Important Days| Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | Are you still trying to figure out your why? Why for Life? Why for business? Your passion? Purpose? Pursuits? My advice is to get on your knees and prayer about it. Pray for clarity, for eyes to see and ears to hear, pray for definition, for a defined path. Go ahead, ask for breadcrumbs if you need them. Keep your eyes on the Lord and he will make your path known. But be ready, cause once you tell Him you’re ready… hold on, He will move mountains for you.

Will it be easy? | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | If it were easy, everyone would do it. Mic drop.

Now let’s talk about the Gala. The theme was Bright and Beautiful with the music of The Greatest Showman set on repeat.  The gala is a formal, plated meal, featuring live entertainment (Helllllooooo Lucy Libido doing a silk trapeze show?!), an opening ceremony (heeellllloo choreographed Diamond number!), and a keynote address by none other than Jordan Schrandt which set the tone for the entire weekend. There were formal backdrops and photo op locations available for us to take photos with our team at the gala event. A Diamond Bound tradition is to serve a bottle of NingXia Red on every table at the gala. They know how to get your weekend started off right!


Diamond Bound Event | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |


Diamond Bound Event | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Dream Bigger for Yourself | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | The only limiting factor to your success is your ability to see yourself differently than you do right now. If you can dream bigger about yourself, it gives your mind the ability to create connections and opportunities to fulfill what you already believe about yourself to be true. Stop stopping yourself.

What does it mean to be a Young Living Diamond??? It means…

Health freedom.
Time freedom.
Financial freedom.
Being present.
Living Life fully.
Influence for good.
Helping others.
Meeting needs.
Picking up and going.
Last minute plans.
So much fun.
Mission trips.
Enjoying every moment.

Being a Young Living Diamond means grabbing all the new products, snapping gorgeous photos of them, and being able to inspire thousands towards a more chemical free home! (AND use all the products in your own home and family as well!!)

Being a Diamond can mean: DEBT FREE!!!! pay off your consumer debt + own your family’s home out right… and down the road, maybe even gift homes to others, too! 💛 this is worth the hard work. It’s worth the pursuit. It’s worth the hustle. Living in financial freedom IS FREEDOM, friends! Network marketing, and particularly Young Living, gives us an opportunity to pursue financial freedom in ways most other careers don’t! Y’all. It’s worth it. Rise to diamond! I want to help you!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | Can I get a witness??? Friends. Listen. Your best and highest dreams are INCREDIBLE! They’re worth writing down, worth sharing, worth pursuing, worth reminding yourself of OFTEN. We’re calling ALL dreamers and helping them RISE! But—the truth of the matter is this: “Dreams don’t work unless WE DO!” There’s an unsexy grind required in this Young Living business. It’s hard. It’s tedious. It’s like: messaging and following up and planning the things and making the graphics and sending the texts and hosting the meetings and doing it all over and over and over. And in your season of hustle, you may even go to bed tired and still wake up tired… there’s an element of this that’s just THE GRIND. There’s no way around it. There’s no way under it. The only way is THROUGH it………. but here’s the catch, the reprieve, the beauty in it all: you develop higher heights as an individual than you ever thought possible, you make deeper friendships than what you can imagine, and the journey has soooo much fun, reward, satisfaction and excitement throughout, it’s easy to fall in love with what we do everyday!! So while the hustle is real: the abundance of everything is real, too. It’s a huge myriad of busy, love, people, balance, run, work, growth, friends and hustle………………. and we love it!

I’m on a mission to prove that it’s possible to have our cake and eat it too without gaining weight. Who’s in??? Let’s figure this thing out! I want it all…. balance, peace, joy, meaningful friendships, abundance.

Admiring Beauty | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |faithandfrank.comOn the other hand… one of the BIGGEST joy-killers in this business is: comparison. Listen friends, there are plenty of people in the world for everyone reading this to be a Diamond in Young Living. But you have to have the ability to celebrate others’ successes! Cheer for people’s victories. Get excited for them to rank up. Isn’t seeing people’s lives changed what this business is all about?!? Other people’s success doesn’t diminish your own. I beg you to remember that. It doesn’t make your success and beauty less beautiful!!! You’re amazing. Unique. And just who your tribe need you to be! And in the same vein + true to Diamond Bound style: We’re going to do loooootsa soul work in this business.

In your Young Living business YOU are so much more than an Entrepreneur. You are a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Oh man. This is good…. takes on more risks… have you ever thought of risk vs reward as an entrepreneur? How mush risk is required to go check into a 9 to 5? Not much. Not much at all. But how much reward is there? A decent or even “good” income, but barely ever paying off your mortgage, never getting ahead, working for someone else and never getting to use your creative ideas to advance your career, or worse—feeling so much like “why does it matter anyway” that you STOP dreaming and creating altogether. Now that is sad and the rewards are so limited!

Now let’s talk about entrepreneurs: what’s the risk: putting yourself out there and letting people know you’re doing a business that requires people to get on board with your idea in order for you to actually make money. Taking a risk of your TIME to spend time doing something that pays you little up front with the hope it turns into something more if your put heart+hustle into it. You’re risking YOUR REPUTATION and essentially leveraging your audience with friends, family and strangers for the sake of this business. You go “all in” and don’t have the “safety” of that 9 to 5……
Ohhhhhhh but friends…

What’s the reward:

I’d say the risk is worth the reward. Young Living is all this and more. YOU are an entrepreneur. And if you’re scared to take this risk, you need a mindset shift that will help you know WHY to do this… deep and intrinsically. And you need to know HOW to do this, so you can get the most out of your work time. And that’s EXACTLY what Diamond Bound was created for: to inspire you in the WHY for YOU and your own mindset. And to teach you the HOW.. and exactly what to focus your work time doing. The line up at the 2018 Diamond Bound event was INSANE! Tickets are on sale now for Diamond Bound 5.0 and are selling like hot cakes! If you want to get a ticket, grab them early! Bring your team for the BIGGEST impact and MASSIVE momentum. Learn  ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

If you want to bring happiness to the whole world. go home and love your family. Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.comAt the end of the day, let’s keep the main thing, the main thing! Hustle hard but love them harder!!!!!! The key is EFFICIENCY and CONSISTENCY in your work time!

Be willing | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore | faithandfrank.comBe willing to lead even if no one else is. Be willing to do hard things even if no one else is. Be willing to show up even if no one else does. Be willing to to what’s right even if no one else is. Be willing to be the buffer for your kids’ happiness on “hustle” days, even if it’s easier to take shortcuts for self preservation. Be willing to do hard things. Be willing to learn. Be willing to rise above the noise of culture. Be willing to rise above the day to day mundane. Be willing to have late nights and early mornings and still get dinner on the table. Be willing to be the launch pad for others to propel beyond you. Be willing to rise to every necessary occasion….
Be willing.
Be there.

Ultimately it boils down to this. Work hard on yourself. Work hard on your skills. Work hard on working smarter. Work hard consistently. Work hard to develop original content and ideas. Work hard to love others more than yourself. Work hard. Work hard. Work hard.

Diamonds rise from hard work.

CEO expectations | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

What’s your dream?  I want to say: FRIEND: Don’t quit on your dreams!

Here’s the thing: if this business isn’t sunshine and roses these days for you (aka your business is stalled, your numbers are going backwards, your builders aren’t building)… this is NOT the time to give up. The easy thing to do is say “hmm I guess this isn’t going to work for me” and give up. It’s easy to say, “I tried and it just didn’t work out”… it’s easy to say, “no one wanted to build but me”….. so l am just not cut out for this. Listen to me friend: “cut out”?????? We are ALL cut from the same cloth. We alllll are human. We allll have 24 hours in the day. We allllll have fears, insecurities, and doubts. ALL. OF. US. We are allllll busy. We alllll have to learn new skills. We allllll have conflict within our team. We’re all “not naturally cut out for it” — whether you are or aren’t is actually not the question at hand… the actual only question at hand is:
Do you want it?
Because at the end of the day, that’s the ONLY difference between a Star and an RCD. The cloth is the same. The refining of that cloth happens at different seasons of life…. and if you haven’t refined all the mindset and skill set for RCD yet, then just commit to the refining process.
Do you want it? Do you want this Freedom? Really ask yourself that. Repeat after me: “Do I really want this freedom?” If your answer is yes, we want to help you with the refining!
Let’s make this happen.
You want it.
We want to help with the refining process.
Xo, Mona

Articulating Dreams | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

This was always my why…. my babies… keeping them safe from toxins, spending quality time with them, and seeing them bloom with so many opportunities.

My Why | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Let’s get to your why and help you get there! And in the words of our Gary:

Oils for purpose | Diamond Bound Chicago 2018 | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Find your purpose.

Are you ready? Join me and my team. Work from home. Set your hours. Start living creatively. Find your purpose. Find your calling. Live your life on your terms. But you have to start. You have to work. Will it be easy? No, nothing that you want to last  forever will ever be easy. But it will work. Join me. Your why can be different than mine, but equally important and I want to help you reach for the stars. I want to run with runners. I’ve seen it happen and you deserve this. Make sure your why outweighs your fears. Join me.

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