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It is that time!  I love the winter… all the smells, the celebrations, and the food!  It can also mean runny noses, stress, and the tummy aches from the food!  Read on to learn all about equipping yourselves for the winter season so you can enjoy every last moment.

Drop a little Stress Away + Peppermint into your diffuser just to get you in the winter wonderland spirit!  

Winter Wellness: Diffuser Blend Stress Away + Peppermint | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Immune Supporting Oils:  

Did you know that one purpose of an essential oil in a plant is to protect it from organisms, like bacteria, that may be harmful to them?

There are a few essential oils which our powerhouses in helping to protect our immune systems that you do not want to go through the winter without!  Thieves, Lemon, Oregano, and Frankincense are top of the list. 3 of these 4 oils come in the Premium Starter Kit!

Use this “Wellness Roller” recipe to roll on your feet daily in the winter months.  If starting to feel icky, apply more frequently.

Winter Wellness: Wellness Roller Recipe: Thieves + Lemon + Oregano + Frankincense | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Oils for Respiratory Support with DIY chest rub recipe:  Raven

I love the cold, crisp winter air!  Raven is a MUST essential oil to have on hand in this season.  My two favorite ways to use this oil is as a chest rub or in the diffuser.

Winter Weather Chest Rub:

Melt down 1 cup of coconut oil in a glass bowl & let cool to room temperature.  Add 15 drops of Raven & mix. Pour into a glass jar & place in the fridge uncovered until coconut oil is solid.  Cover & store for when you need it!

Breath of Fresh Air Diffuser Blend:  

5 drops of Citrus Fresh + 2 drops of Raven

Winter Wellness: Winter Weather Chest Rub: Raven | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |


Supplements:  Life 9, Mighty Pro

Did you know that 80-90% of your immune system resides in your gut?  A good Probiotic is one of the core pieces to a good gut health!

According to one of the most popular books written on gut health, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, a good probiotic should have at least 8 billion live cultures & a good mixture of different strains AND species. Life 9 has 17 billion live cultures, 9 different strains from 3 different species!

Mighty Pro is a perfect option for our littles.  It literally tastes like a treat, and it is has Ningxia Wolfberry fiber that is a naturally occurring prebiotic – this is a total MOM WIN!

Winter Wellness: Prebiotics + Probiotics: Life 9+ Mighty Pro | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |


One of the best ways to avoid getting sick, is to take care of yourself!  This means giving your body the things it needs daily to work at its absolute best.  

Ningxia is an antioxidant supplement made from Wolfberry puree…This makes it a FOOD based supplement AND it is a liquid.  This is important because most of us have digestive systems that aren’t functioning as well as we would like. Because Ningxia is liquid, it means we are getting ALL of these vitamins and antioxidants into our systems quickly!  

Winter Wellness: The Power of Ningxia Red: Antioxidant Immunity Boosting Clean Energy Boosting All Natural Plant-based Supplement | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Digestion – Digize & Peppermint

Our digestion is such a huge part of our immune health, and sometimes we over do it in the winter months with all the celebrating.  These two oils will be your BFF!

I like to mix 15 drops of Peppermint + 15 drops of Digize with fractionated coconut oil in a 10ml roller bottle for easy use to swipe across my tummy or on the bottoms of my feet.  

Winter Wellness: Digestion Support: Digize + Peppermint | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |


As much fun as the holiday season is, it comes with a bit of stress.  You can totally transform your home into a peaceful retreat by getting that diffusing going and taking some time to decompress.

Drop one of these combos into the diffuser at the end of you day to unwind & destress!

Silent Night:  Lavender + Frankincense

Be Still:  Frankincense + Copaiba

Evening Repose:  Stress Away + Lavender

Winter Wellness: Diffuser Blends for Stress | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

In case of Emergency – Inner Defense & Immupro

None of us have time to get sick so I make sure to keep a couple of items on hand for when I start to feel those little signs of not running at 100%.  

Inner Defense has the power of the Thieves blend combined with thyme and oregano, making it a powerful wellness capsule. It helps to reinforce systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support.

Immupro is another option that is a nighttime, herbal supplement that will support your immune system AND sleep.

Winter Wellness: Wellness Support: Inner Defense + ImmuPro | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Thieves Kit/ER Kit

What better way to surround yourself and your family with the power of Thieves than to use products infused with this immune boosting, yuck fighting essential oil blend???  I am super practical, and I love being able to consistently get the benefits of Thieves by doing the things I do daily anyways like washing my hands, cleaning my home, and brushing my teeth!

Whether you are new to Young Living or a member, you can get a Thieves bundle with things like all-purpose cleaner, foaming hand soap, toothpaste and more.  This bundles offers lots of convenience and savings.  

Ready to shop now?  Follow this link to browse all things Thieves!  (insert your baby steps link to the Thieves landing page)

Winter Wellness: Thieves Essential Rewards Kit: Immunity Boosting + Natural, Plant-based Cleaning Products | Faith and Frank by Mona Moore |

Learning together/community

If you want to learn how to support your family’s health in natural ways, you have come to the right spot!  Not one of us can know it all, and that is why we need each other. I can not even imagine trying to figure this all out on my own.

If you are not a member yet, today is your day!  Just reply to this text, and let me know you are ready, and get excited!  Once you experience a winter season with essential oils, you will never go back!

If you are a member, please lean into this community and resources, and don’t miss out on the huge opportunity in the Essential Rewards program to streamline your life & make using high quality, clean products budget friendly.  It is SO worth it! Contact me <<here>> or click <<here>> to get started on your wellness journey!

Join Our Community! Let's learn together to remove toxins from our lives and live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle | Faith + Frank by Mona Moore |

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