Hi! I’m Monie, Instagram Strategist and natural wellness advocate. My focus is helping overwhelmed, anxious, single mommas like me, use the Instagram strategies and best practices I’ve honed over the last decade, to grow a successful online business both organically and naturally. Over 6 years ago I was an overwhelmed newly single momma. My anxiety and stress were through the roof and I needed help. I started pursuing a happier and healthier lifestyle for my family, and in the midst of it all, that lifestyle change, along with my passion for education, and technology, collided to form the most beautiful online business I could have NEVER imagined.

I’ve been a educator for over 25 years, I started my wellness journey back in early 2017, and I’m now a self-proclaimed all-in, high-vibin’, holistic-“ish”, Instagram strategist. Why holistic-“ish”? Because I believe in balance and moderation in all areas of life. For one, I truly believe and support modern medicine, however, I also FIRMLY believe in turning to natural, holistic alternatives FIRST. I love really good food, an extra dirty martini, as well as, several other “not so healthy” choices from time to time. I am only human. Balance and moderation is key.

As far as natural wellness, I educate and empower others to find freedom through small, simple pivots in their lifestyle using my 6-F’s method along with dedicated accountability, and a community full of more love and support than you could ever possibly imagine.

What are the 6-F’s? The 6-F’s are all about finding that healthy balance of faith, food, family, friendship, freedom, & bringing the fun! (I also like to “bring the fitness” but lez keep it real, my friend! That’s a work in progress).

The community I’ve built is a safe harbor where we chat openly about the simple changes we’ve made to everyone live their happiest, healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible. I provide a judgment-free zone to learn on your own time, at your own pace & fill your cup to overflowing – because you know what they say, … 

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

And mommas, we need our cups filled. Amen? Amen.

 I’m a believer, lover of coffee, spontaneous dance parties, gathering & entertaining, good food & good friends.

So come join our table – our exclusive group of perfectly imperfect people – come fill your cup and learn how you can find balance, joy, and passion with the knowledge and information I share. I’ve always got room for you here!

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