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monie moore
Monie Moore

Hi! I’m Monie, Instagram Strategist. With well over a decade of social media experience, over 25 years in education and instructional technology, I help overwhelmed single moms grow an online business, both organically & naturally, on Instagram.

Why single moms? Because I’ve been there. I’ve walked in your shoes. I know the trauma, the stress, the anxiety, and fear that goes hand-in-hand with being a single momma. I’ve experienced those panic attacks that wake you in the middle of the night, clutching your chest, barely able to breathe, wondering if you’re going to survive. I know the fear of the unknown. I know the grief of a future you thought you had, all while trying to put on a brave face, a happy face for your children, along with the energy and strength it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other, just to make the next right decision.

Will my coaching help you if you aren’t a single mom? Absolutely! Just know that in addition to IG strategy, I also provide additional emotional support along the lines of laughter (it’s the BEST medicine), natural wellness support that worked for me, inspiration, daily motivation specifically for single mommas. But always know that there is room here for everyone.

Starting an online business, working along side fellow “mom-trepreneurs,” was nothing I ever expected I would do, but it saved me, both emotionally and financially, during a time I needed it the most. Now that I am, for the most part, on the other side of divorce, I want to help other women, by being the person I needed during that time. I want to show you there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there are tools and strategies to help you move forward.

My goal is to make Instagram easier for you. When it comes to social media, Instagram, in particular, I know what works, what doesn’t, and I can’t wait to teach you how to create effective content and strategize exponential growth for your business. I’ve researched and honed my knowledge of Instagram best practices to help you gain more prospects, plan creative and strategic content to convert new prospects to customers, how to create a tight-knit community, and navigate the seemingly ever-changing algorithms of Instagram.

I teach organic growth and content strategy that delivers true results. I’ll give you the clarity, confidence, and strategy needed for Instagram marketing success. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

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