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Hi! I’m Monie, mom of 3 kiddos plus 2 sheepadoodle pups. Over 6 years ago I was an overwhelmed, newly single momma. My anxiety and stress were through the roof and I knew I needed help. My doctor wanted to prescibe medication but I wanted to try a more natural route first. I started with counseling and meditation and then, with the encouragement of a dear friend, I tried essential oils. The support I found was so immediate and positive I had to know more which led to me making changes all over our home.

My family’s wellness journey began in early 2017, and I quickly became an all-in, high-vibin’, holistic-“ish” wellness advocate and educator. Why holistic-“ish”? Because I believe in balance and moderation in all areas of life. For one, I truly believe and support modern medicine, however, I also FIRMLY believe in turning to more natural, holistic alternatives FIRST. I love really good food, an extra dirty martini, as well as, several other “not so healthy” choices from time to time. Balance and moderation is key.

Here at Faith & Frank, on Pinterest, and also within my private Facebook Community The Joyful Gathering, I educate and empower others to find freedom through small, simple pivots in their lifestyle using my 6-F’s method along with dedicated accountability, and a community full of more love and support than you could ever possibly imagine.

What are the 6-F’s? The 6-F’s are all about finding that healthy balance of faith, food, family, friendship, freedom, & bringing the fun! (I also like to “bring the fitness” but lez keep it real, my friend! That’s a work in progress).

The community I’ve built is a safe harbor where we chat openly about the simple changes we’ve made to everyone live their happiest, healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible. I provide a judgment-free zone to learn on your own time, at your own pace & fill your cup to overflowing – because you know what they say, … 

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

And mommas, we need our cups filled. Amen? Amen.

 I’m a believer, lover of coffee, spontaneous dance parties, gathering & entertaining, good food & good friends.

So come join our table – our exclusive group of perfectly imperfect people – come fill your cup and learn how you can find balance, joy, and passion with the knowledge and information I share. there’s always room for you here!

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